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Deep Clean Kitchen Cleaning For Easy South Florida Kitchen Maintenance

Kitchen cleaning

If you own a bar, grill, cafe, or any other kind of food service business in South Florida, it's vital that you have a company you can trust for your kitchen cleaning needs. Your regular staff has more than enough to get done on a daily basis in your busy commercial kitchen, and to expect them to keep up with deep cleaning is unrealistic. Even if they did have time to complete tasks like stove and oven detailing or floor cleaning, you'd have a lot more luck trusting a professional team like Veterans Construction of South Florida. We know how complicated kitchen cleaning can be, which is why we provide a whole crew of experts who can help you get it done efficiently and quickly.

We've got over 25 years of experience helping commercial businesses ensure their kitchens are sparkling clean as well as sanitary. With industry-grade cleaning solutions and techniques alongside durable equipment that will ensure the brightest clean, we want to be the company offering building maintenance for South Florida that everyone can call when they want a kitchen so clean, you could eat off the counters! This level of clean is right at your fingertips, so give Veterans Construction of South Florida a call today.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleans

You may think kitchen cleaning should be done to make sure food safety requirements are met, and that's a vital consideration. Food can carry dangerous microbes and bacteria that could send even the strongest stomach to the bathroom all night, or worse, the hospital. While no restaurant owner wants that heavy on their conscience, there's a lot more to kitchen cleanliness than just food safety.

The most serious risks in a dirty kitchen are actually pests and fires. Kitchens that aren't well-maintained have layers of dust and grease on their walls, counters, floors, and equipment. Combined with the high temperatures that are common in any kitchen, a fire could be ignited with these substances and spread quickly through your entire establishment. A dirty kitchen can also attract pests like insects or rodents, which are a hazard to food while it is being stored, prepared, and cooked. Pests carry their own wide array of bacteria, which can create an unhealthy environment in your kitchen. So whether you need a one-time deep clean or you want to get regular services to maintain your kitchen, calling Veterans Construction of South Florida for kitchen cleaning is your best bet.

Maintain Business Excellence With Kitchen Cleaning

Whether you've got a health inspection approaching or you're working on improving a poor rating, Veterans Construction of South Florida is your number one provider of high-quality kitchen cleaning in South Florida. We're proud to provide everything you need to meet and exceed the standards of kitchen cleanliness as well as inspection milestones. We know that you want to make health and safety your number top priorities, alongside making amazing first impressions on anyone who visits your foodservice business. Just a few things we can take care of cleaning in your commercial kitchen include:

  • Stoves & ovens
  • Ceilings, walls, & doors
  • Ventilation & plumbing systems
  • Grease traps
  • Interior & exterior kitchen hoods
  • Fryers, fridges, & grills
  • Exhaust systems
  • Fans & ductwork

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