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South Florida Flood Restoration: Rebuilding After Water Damage

Flood restoration

No business owner can predict when water damage will strike-- it could be flash floods from a storm or a burst pipe. If your business in South Florida has been affected by the damaging effects of water, the smart choice to make is to call Veterans Construction of South Florida for flood restoration services. Timing is everything when it comes to flood restoration, and the sooner you contact a professional to help with remediation and repairs, the quicker and better they'll be able to minimize damage and save your property.

Here at Veterans Construction of South Florida, we've assisted businesses of all kinds in South Florida with flood restoration and water damage repairs. We're equipped with the right tools as well as the knowledge needed to restore commercial properties of all sizes and with all degrees of damage. Because timing is everything, we promise quick response times to your service calls so we can get right to work with our restoration process. Your business is your livelihood, and we want to help you get it back onto its feet as soon as possible after a flood. As the experts providing all kinds of building maintenance for South Florida, we know just how important each call we receive is, and we'll meet every job with the utmost dedication.

Water Damage Remediation

Many business owners in South Florida have no idea how destructive water can be until their property is flooded. Whether it's from rain, plumbing malfunctions, or something else, water is the single most destructive substance that can wreak havoc on your business. When floodwater damages your property, it's considered Category 3 water, or black water. This is not only dangerous to your business and its structures but also to your health, which is why we perform our water damage remediation in the quickest, most thorough manner possible.

Immediate intervention from a professional like Veterans Construction of South Florida can significantly reduce the damage and harmful effects of floodwater to your business, especially within the first 48 hours. We're proud to be a quick-acting restoration team that can get your business back on its feet after a flood with as little permanent damage as possible.

How We Help

When it comes to water damage and flood restoration, there's a lot to be done. Veterans Construction of South Florida handles every aspect of this service, from site assessments right after the flood to the total restoration of your commercial property. Throughout the whole process, our number one priority is you-- keeping you in the know, answering questions, and remaining available to you every step of the way.

Our flood restoration services include things like:

  • Water removal
  • Dehumidification
  • Thermal inspection
  • Leak detection
  • Structural drying

When you need help after a flood, we are here for you! Business owners across South Florida know that we're the number one building maintenance team to trust for all kinds of services for your commercial property, not just flood restoration. We can take care of all kinds of repairs and construction, including for your plumbing and electrical systems. High-quality service and results are only a phone call away with the team at Veterans Construction of South Florida, so don't hesitate to call us when you need any kind of building maintenance service in South Florida!

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