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South Florida Evaporator & Air Conditioning Coil Cleaning For Ideal Operation

Coil cleaning

For the finest coil cleaning services in South Florida and the surrounding areas, contact the HVAC pros at Veterans Construction of South Florida. Every air conditioner, even your commercial unit, works the same way: warm air is exposed to chilled evaporator coils, which absorb the heat. The cool air is then sent through the ducts and delivered to your business. As you imagine, the coils of your air conditioning unit play an integral part in its efficiency, which is why getting regular coil cleaning services from an expert is essential for the health of your unit.

Veterans Construction of South Florida is the top provider of building maintenance for South Florida, and that means providing high-quality services to businesses for their HVAC systems. Your air conditioning unit needs to work properly 24/7, especially in our sweltering South Florida summers, and coil cleaning is one of many ways you can affordably make sure it does.

Evaporator & Air Conditioning Coil Services

As time goes on and technology improves, air conditioners are becoming more advanced and energy-efficient. But this doesn't mean they're indestructible or invulnerable. Even the biggest, toughest commercial models can fall victim to damage and disrepair that comes from dirt and dust. As a money-savvy business owner, you may consider cleaning up your unit's coils yourself-- it can't be much harder than wiping them off or blowing the debris away, right? Our experts can beg to differ! Here are just a few reasons you should let a professional take care of your coil cleaning needs in South Florida:

  • Coils are delicate & can easily break
  • Toxic refrigerants are housed inside the coils & should only be handled by a specialist
  • Risk of electrocution & damaging other components
  • You could void your warranty on the unit

The money you think you'll be saving by DIY-ing your coil cleaning could easily be doubled or tripled if your damage your unit and repair services are needed. This is why it's recommended that you call an HVAC pro like Veterans Construction of South Florida when you have coil cleaning needs! We'll use our skill and experience to carefully take care of the cleaning and leave your unit in pristine condition once more.

Avoid Damage With Coil Cleaning

When you hire Veterans Construction of South Florida for coil cleaning services in South Florida, your AC unit will have its power restored! But if you wait too long, you could be met with some permanent damage. If your coils have become compromised by buildups of dust and debris, your unit's other components like fans and motors will have had to work a lot harder to make up for it. The following are some of the issues you could run into if your coils aren't regularly cleaned:

  • Increased energy consumption
  • Reduced airflow & decreased efficiency
  • Permanent compressor & coil damage
  • Reduced air quality

All of these things will end up costing you money, time, and extra stress that, as a business owner, you don't need! Let Veterans Construction of South Florida be the building maintenance company you can rely on for high-quality coil cleaning services in South Florida. We're proud to be the well-rounded team that can offer businesses everything from HVAC services to property management.


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