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Electrostatic Disinfectant For Complete Surface Coating & Cleaning In South Florida

Electrostatic disinfectant

When you want a more effective method for getting rid of dust, dirt, germs, and more from your commercial surfaces in South Florida, electrostatic disinfectant is your answer. When it comes to commercial cleaning, many people envision mopping, vacuuming, dry dusting, and other techniques. While these are all tried and true, these methods simply spread the filth around so it's more widespread. Even dry dusting just kicks up dirt and dust so it lands on other surfaces. More and more businesses in South Florida are turning to electrostatic disinfectant methods when they want to get and maintain a thorough clean for their commercial spaces.

This innovative cleaning method involves electrostatically charged mists being sprayed onto contaminated surfaces to clean them. These mists are created by combining a specialized solution with air, atomizing it inside the sprayer. The spray will subsequently become positively charged and will adhere to and coat any surface or object. Once the spray is applied to the surface that needs cleaning, the sanitizing agents in the spray itself work to disinfect the space.

Electrostatic Disinfection: How Does It Work?

The electrostatic sprays we use here at Veterans Construction of South Florida are electrically charged, meaning the high-quality sanitizers, disinfectants, and mold preventers we use will completely and evenly coat surfaces of all types to provide a more complete clean for your business. When the cleaning solutions exit the sprayer, they are given a positive electrical charge, attracting the droplets to any and all negatively charged surfaces.

Whether your business has serious sanitation requirements or you simply want to ensure that you get the best cleaning methods for your commercial space, electrostatic disinfectant services are for you. Veterans Construction of South Florida is the top-rated company offering building maintenance for South Florida, and we can provide you with this service, too.

Benefits Of Electrostatic Disinfectants

Other than providing a completely thorough clean, electrostatic disinfectant services host a long list of benefits for your business or commercial space in South Florida. Just a few of them include:

  • Quicker cleaning times: Compared to traditional cleaning methods, electrostatic disinfectants can reduce the time it takes to clean and disinfect an entire room by 50%
  • Improved infection control: This kind of cleaning can control and slow the spread of viruses like influenza, HIV, MRSA, and more
  • More efficient applications: Electrostatic disinfecting is extremely efficient and never wastes any product because surfaces that are already coated will repel the spray so it can settle elsewhere.
  • Saves money: By giving your staff a cleaner space to work, you'll be preventing the financial burdens that come along with virus infections in your business

As you can see, we're passionate about giving you the best clean possible for your commercial space. We even offer COVID-19 disinfecting services to ensure that your business is risk-free for everyone. A completely safe and sanitized business is only a phone call away with Veterans Construction of South Florida, so don't hesitate to call us today and get started with your electrostatic disinfectant services.

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